The Grand Chandelier

Many photos have been taken over the years of the beautiful Grand Chandelier that illuminates The 2,703 seats beneath it every performance. There is another view that most people don’t get to see and that is the view from inside the Grand Chandelier. Check out the video and photos below as our own Master Electrician, Howard Nugent takes a walk around the inside of the Grand Chandelier.


View of the stage

A view of the stage from inside the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


A view of house right from inside the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


A small opening from the ceiling allows access to a narrow ladder that climbs down to the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


The great detail seen in all other parts of the theatre continues into the ceiling just above the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


A look through the small opening down the ladder into the chandelier.


Master Electrician Howard Nugent climbs down the small ladder into the chandelier


2 thoughts on “The Grand Chandelier

  1. Ric Olsen

    My Great Grandfather (George Smith) and my Granfather (James Norris who worked for George) worked as electricians here back in the 30’s & 40’s. My grandmother (who later married James) often speaks of walking the catwalks above with her father. George Smith also did the original electrical work on the Hollywood Cross, and worked in several other theaters like the Egyptian.

    I cant wait to show my Grandma these photos. Thanks for posting them.


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