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Did You Know? Bodyguard Edition

Most of us know that The Bodyguard is an award – winning musical based on the smash – hit film of the same name. All of us have belted out the words “I Will Always Love You” at some point in our lives. Don’t lie, we know you have! But there are a few thing about this show that might surprise you. Check out our list of did you know fun facts!

The song “I Will Always Love You” was actually written by Dolly Parton in 1973, and released as a country single in 1974.


The Bodyguard Screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan, was also known for writing Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Silverado. He has directed, written or produced 21 major motion pictures, including co-writing the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens

J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Bodyguard’s bookwriter Alexander Dinelaris won a 2015 Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for the film Birdman. Dinelaris also wrote the book for the current Broadway musical On Your Feet: The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

87th Annual Academy Awards From left: Alejandro G. Inarritu, Alexander Dinelaris, Nicolas Giacobono, Armando Bo

Our favorite fun fact about this show is that the final scene of the 1992 film was actually shot in the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. You can’t ask for a better setting to completely immerse yourself within a show!


To get your tickets to see the amazing Deborah Cox in The Bodyguard visit our website: www.hollywoodpantages.com

Want to see what other well- known films were shot at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre? Take a look at our blog post, Hollywood Pantages IMDB for more clips and photos.


The Mysterious Howard Hughes

One of the world’s wealthiest men, Howard Robard Hughes Jr. was a Hollywood filmmaker, record-setting aviator and business mogul who once owned a big chunk of Las Vegas and controlled a major U.S. airline (TWA), among other ventures. Later in life, however, he became an eccentric recluse who feared germs and shunned personal hygiene. What does this have to do with the Hollywood Pantages? The infamous Hughes owned, worked and even resided in the theatre.


Howard Hughes sits at the cockpit of his TWA plane.

Most of what we know about his time as the owner of The Hollywood Pantages is rumor or speculation as he was known to be quite private or even recluse. What we do know is that Hughes purchased the theatre in 1949 and named it the RKO Pantages as part of his national chain of movie houses. He only retained the ‘Pantages’ name due to a contractual stipulation. Hughes had his office and own private screening room on the second floor of the Pantages building. This is still where our offices are located today and the screening room has been converted into our Group Sales office.

Photo Sep 07, 3 08 37 PM

Entrance to our Group Sales Office, formally the projection and screening room of Howard Hughes.

Photo Sep 07, 3 05 22 PM

Holes that were once for the projector have been patched and covered by Lion King artwork in our Group Sales office.

One of the amazing things about working in an 86 year old building is that there is no shortage of character. In many blueprints of the building sinks are pictured in nearly every office. Some of those plumbing hookups still exist to this day. I am writing this from what used to be a shower! During his time here, Hughes made sure that all of his employees had access to a sink so they could wash their hands multiple times a day. It was his belief that germs came from the outside world but not from him. It has been said that Hughes lacked in personal hygiene care because of this.

Photo Sep 07, 3 22 40 PM

Blue prints of the Hollywood Pantages offices during Hughes’ ownership. Sinks in every office

In addition to the many sinks, several showers are located in the basement storage areas of the theatre. There are stories about tunnels running under Hollywood Blvd between the theatre and the Broadway building where Hughes was rumored to have kept an apartment on the top floor.  Some suggest he would have his female visitors use the tunnels instead of the street and require them to shower before entering his private residence or offices to ensure they were germ free.

Photo Sep 08, 10 05 53 AM

Old shower located in the basement of the theatre currently being used for storage.

The tunnel, if ever there were one, no longer exists. No evidence of a tunnel was found when Hollywood Blvd. was opened up to create the Metro red line in the early 90’s. Pantages employees suggest that the supposed tunnel was destroyed when Hughes sold the theatre in the 1950’s after RKO suffered turmoil and decline during his control.


The Broadway Building pictured on the right looking East down Hollywood Blvd. The Pantages Theatre is seen in the distance.

To this day we continue to find interesting things left behind by the Hughes era. He had a large impact on the theatre as well as the rest of Hollywood. In 2004 a movie named The Aviator starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Hughes was released about his life. Many scenes for the film were shot right here at the Hollywood Pantages.

aviator 3

A scene from the 2004 film The Aviator. Pictured are Leonardo DiCaprio (Howard Hughes) and Kate Blanchett (Katharine Hepburn) in the Hollywood Pantages Theatre lobby.


Our Newsie

There is always an interesting collection of people working at the Hollywood Pantages at any given time. For this blog post we would like to introduce you to Halbert Hernandez from our Group Sales office. In 1992 Halbert was selected as an extra in a little Disney film called Newsies. We sat down with him to learn about his experience working on the film.

Question: How did you hear about the audition for the Newsies film and what was the audition process like?

Halbert Hernandez: I had a few friends that had already been cast in the movie as dancers and had heard that there was an open call for more news boys. They said you don’t have to dance which was good because I can’t dance. They just wanted to fill the screen with more news boys. So I went down to Universal the day of filming and met with Kenny Ortega. There were so many of us but they picked us based upon our look. It was really really quick. They didn’t ask us to dance or sing they just wanted a particular look.

Q: What was one of the most difficult things about being a Newsie?

Halbert: It actually wasn’t hard. It was so much fun. I was in my early 20’s and it was exciting to be on the lot filming something. It was neat to be surrounded by the dancers and a young Christian Bale. The days were long but it wasn’t hard because we were having fun and we were young.

halbert (3)

Screenshot from the 1992 film Newsies. Halbert Hernandez in the top left corner.

Q: What was the most fun part of the movie filming?

Halbert: The most fun part was meeting Ann-Margret and working on the scene where her character sings to the news boys in the theatre. I was sitting up in the balcony on I think stage right. If you pause the movie you can see me. It was cool because she was singing to us as well as the boys on the floor but I remember she made eye contact with me. I also loved that scene because we had to run out of the theatre because the police were coming so people were climbing down the balcony and running out of the theatre. I didn’t climb down the balcony. I ran out the back door. It was exciting to meet her to see her. We were all told she had to be called Ann-Margret not Ann not Margret. Don’t talk to her unless she talks to you.


Screenshot in the balcony from the 1992 film Newsies. Halbert Hernandez pictured on the left.

Q: Did you get to speak with Ann-Margret?

Halbert: She talked to my group in the balcony. She kind of looked up and waved at us and said, “how are you guys doing?” and we said, “we’re doing great!” I also remember one very cool thing was watching her come onto the set in a Rolls Royce driven by her husband. She was wearing a turban on her head and a beautiful coat and she stepped right out of the car and directly into her trailer. Then three hours later she came into the theatre as that character with the red hair and the red dress and I was like oh wow. It was neat to see that transformation.


Ann-Margret in the 1992 film Newsies

Q: What is your favorite memory from the production?

Halbert: I think just being able to work with my friends. Someone I am still in touch with is Kevin Stea who is an incredible dancer that went on to work with Madonna. We were all pretty close so that’s what made it fun.

Q: How do you feel the stage production compares to the movie?

Halbert: I think the stage production is great. I think it is wonderful. They did a great job of taking the film and adapting it to the stage. There is a lot of energy and dancing just like the movie.

Q: Did it bring back any memories for you?

Halbert: Yes it did. Hearing the music really took me back to the Universal lot. After seeing it at the Pantages I went back and watched the movie. Seeing myself in a few shots I couldn’t believe how young I was.

Q: Do you have any other thoughts about your experience?

Halbert: It was a really great time. I am thankful to have the memories and I am thankful to Kenny Ortega for giving me the opportunity to be a Newsie. It’s nice to see it has taken a life of its own and gone from film to stage and now they are filming the stage production so people can see it in theatres when it’s released.


Halbert Hernandez


Don’t Be Jimmy

With a line up that includes, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, White Christmas, The King and I, Rent, Motown, Circus 1903, Finding Neverland, American in Paris, The Bodyguard, The Book of Mormon, and Hamilton, the Hollywood Pantages 2016-2017 season is one for the record books. While the crew here at the theatre is jumping up and down with excitement, we are also very worried. There are a lot of websites popping up claiming to have tickets to shows that have yet to go on sale. We always want to make sure that everyone that buys a ticket to one of our shows gets to walk through the doors hassle free and be a part of Hollywood History. PLEASE read the information below and watch the video. Share with friends so that no one has to experience the pain of fraudulent tickets.

There are many ticket re-sellers and secondary markets for tickets. For the best seats and to eliminate the risk of fraud, get tickets through the Hollywood Pantages Box Office, HollywoodPantages.com or Ticketmaster. Purchasing tickets from any other seller runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets.



Introducing The 2016-17 Season

You’ve heard the big announcement! The 2016-17 Hollywood Pantages Season has officially been revealed. Now that you know our big secret let’s talk about these 7 amazing shows. You know the shows but did you know these interesting facts?

Hedwig And The Angry Inch 


  • The Original premiered off off Broadway at Westbeth and then ran over two years at the Jane Street Theatre beginning in February 1998.
  • Los Angeles audiences may remember that Hedwig played at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood (down the street from the Hollywood Pantages) back in 1999. The show starred Michael Cerveris as Hedwig.
  • Major musical and artistic influences for both the character and the show include Culture Club, David Bowie, Boy George, Elton John, etc.
  • The nature of the production will involve audience interaction for the lucky folks who are seated close to the stage.

The King And I



  • The original The King and I ran on Broadway from March 29, 1951 through March 20, 1954.
  • There have been 4 Broadway revivals of The King and I.
  • The King and I was nominated for 9 Tony Awards in 2015.
  • Choreography is based off of Jerome Robbins’ original Broadway choreography (“Small House of Uncle Thomas” is a perfect moment by moment recreation of the original staging)
  • Yule Brenner Played the King at the Hollywood Pantages on 1984 tour.

Finding Neverland


  • The Oscar-winning motion picture of the same name premiered in 2004, and starred Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet & Dustin Hoffman.
  • The story of Peter Pan in general, has a rich history of being retold in different media. Movies and stage productions about the Pan legend continue to be released today
  • Nominated for two Drama Desk Awards and the winner of Broadway.com’s Audience Choice Award for BEST MUSICAL!

An American In Paris



  • The idea for An American in Paris,the film came to producer Arthur Freed when he attended a concert of George Gershwin’s An American in Paris. Freed liked the title and from that he built a musical with Gershwin tunes after months of negotiations with Ira Gershwin, estate trustees, and two different music publishers.
  • As further developed by the artistic triumvirate of choreographer and star Gene Kelly, director Vincente Minelli and screenwriter Alan J. Lerner, An American in Parisbecame one of the most famous film musicals in the history of Hollywood and went on to win six Academy Awards in 1951.
  • Gene Kelly’s widow Patricia has a personal relationship with our theatre. She often attends Hollywood Pantages premieres!

The Bodyguard


  • Final scene of the motion picture was filmed at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre – Oscars Scene
  • Grammy® Award-nominated and multi-platinum R&B/pop recording artist and film/TV actress Deborah Cox will star as Rachel Marron.
  • The stage production takes all of the music from the motion picture (“I Will Always Love You” / “Queen of the Night”) as well as additional music from the Whitney Houston catalog.

The Book Of Mormon


  • The Book of Mormon opened on February 24, 2011, has had over 2,000 performances and is still running on Broadway.
  • The show took nearly 7 years to develop. Trey Parker & Matt Stone met Robert Lopez after seeing a performance of Robert’s other Tony-winning musical: Avenue Q.
  • Nominated for 16 Tony Awards in 2011 and walked away with 9 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Book, Best Original Score, Best Female Featured (Nikki M. James) Best Direction, Best Orchestrations, Best Scenic Design, Best Lighting Design, and Best Sound Design.
  • Robert Lopez is an EGOT. (He has won Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony) He is the youngest ever!



  • Lottery participation in NYC has numbered into the thousands for each performance.
  • The President of the United States has seen this production three times.
  • Questlove (of the band “The Roots” – The Tonight Show) is a co-producer of the HAMILTON Cast Album
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda was working on this show as far back as 2010, when he was appearing on stage in In The Heights at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. (A member of our staff remembers seeing a copy of the biography in his dressing room.)
  • This production draws multiple parallels to Americans of today, with the Americans in the late 1700s.

For more about these great shows visit: www.hollywoodpantages.com

This is How We Speakeasy

When it comes to Bullets Over Broadway, the show doesn’t stop at the stage. The Hollywood Pantages creates a seamless flow from stage to lobby with our old Hollywood Art Deco beauty. So when someone said Speakeasy none of us thought twice! CBS’s Erica Olsen joined us in the 1920’s fun to help us promote our pre-show Speakeasy.

Below see the time lapse video of Erica Olsen getting ready for the pre-show Speakeasy in the famous Mirror Room at the Hollywood Pantages Theatare.


Erica uses her grandmother’s purse to accessorize her outfit!


Layers of beads were the look of the 20’s. Erica wears a necklace given to her by her grandfather.


A 1920’s bridal headband adds some nice sparkle to the ensemble.


No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes!


Erica shows off her look completed by her grandmother’s fur coat.


Erica enters the theatre.


Erica pictured on the grand staircase house left.


Erica is greeted by the speakeasy bouncer. Remember password CHEECH!

See the final promo below


For more information about the Hollywood Pantages Preshow Speakeasy visit:


Helpful Hints From the Ushers

Our ushers work very hard to make sure that everyone has a wonderful experience here at the theatre and they do it all with a smile on their face. There are things that they would like you to know to make your visit that much more pleasant and stress free.  Here are some helpful hints and tips straight from the mouths of our ushers.

Remember no outside food or drink is allowed into the theatre (except for water).

The theatre does not have a designated check in location. Be sure to leave large bags, cameras, and flowers in your car or at home.

It’s always a good idea to get to the theatre no later than 7:45 so you are not rushing to find your seat.

Be sure to have your ticket’s bar code easily accessible for scanning.

(Secret Tip) If you have digital tickets, take a screen capture of the bar codes to avoid slow loading times on mobile devices.

Have all bags and purses open for quick inspection (this is for everyone’s safety).

Make note of which door the ticket taking usher directs you towards (this helps you find your seat faster).

Playbills are complimentary. Be sure to grab one before heading into the lobby.


Complimentary hearing devices are available at Audience Services to the right of the entrance.

Binoculars are also available at Audience Services for a rental fee of $10.

(Secret Tip) The ladies restroom up the stairs on the left is the largest of the 3 women’s restrooms and tends to have a smaller line before the show and during intermission.

There are two accessible restrooms located in the theatre. The first is just past Audience Services on the right. The second is located through the curtain near door 2. (House right)


Be Advised that there is no elevator in the theatre. If you have seats in the Mezzanine and need assistance locate an usher right away.

Remember that alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the seating area so give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your drink before the show.

(Secret Tip) You can pre-order your drink for intermission at the bar before the show starts!


Curious about Season Tickets? Ask one of our knowledgeable Outbound Sales staffers located behind podiums near concessions.

Have a question about the theatre or its history? Ask an usher or purchase our Pantages Theatre Program for $20 at Audience Services.


(Secret Tip) One of the best photo-ops is at the top of the grand staircase on either side. Take a selfie with your back to the lobby and get the chandeliers in the photo.


A limited number of booster seats are available near each door for those that are vertically challenged.

When the lights in the lobby begin to flash that is your cue to take your seat.

Doors are numbered 6 -1 from left to right. (Do you remember which door the usher told you to enter?)

DSC_0751 DSC_0753

The ushers at your door will let you know which side of the aisle your seats will be located.

If you require extra assistance don’t hesitate to ask. The ushers are there to help you!

Once you find your seats look up. The ceiling is spectacular.

Each show has their own photo policy. Be sure to check with an usher before you start snapping pics. (This includes selfies, Snapchats, and Instagram)

(Secret Tip) For a great shot of the theatre walk to the front near the orchestra pit and turn around.

Make sure that your phone is turned off before the performance begins. Texting, talking, and the taking photo/videos are not allowed during the performance. (Phones are not only distracting to those around you but are very distracting to the performers on stage.)

If at anytime during a performance you have an issue with a seat neighbor or need assistance, ushers are located at each door. You don’t have to wait until intermission or the end of the show to ask for help.


The length of intermission is determined by the show in the building. Typically they are 15-20 minutes.

Keep your ticket with you if you are exiting the building. You MUST have it to re-enter.

Concessions takes cash only! This is to make sure everyone gets through the line during intermission.

Be Aware that some shows have seating holds at the end of intermission. When you see the lights flashing make for your seat so you don’t miss anything.

At the end of the show you can sometimes catch the cast members exiting the stage door. As you walk out of the seating area take a left and walk to the end of the hallway to exit to the stage door.








Full Circle

It was about a year ago that Ryan Axberg began rehearsals on his high school’s production of Young Frankenstein. Soon after, the show was nominated for several Jerry Herman Awards and Ryan was auditioning for the best leading male category. Since then he has graduated from high school, started classes at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), and come back to the Hollywood Pantages as one of our amazing ushers.

We caught up with Axberg just before his next shift at the theatre to chat with him about his experience in the musical theatre world and his journey from high school stage to The Jerry Herman Awards at the Hollywood Pantages.

Q: How did you catch the Musical Theatre bug?

Ryan: It all started in middle school. I wasn’t involved in the theatre world but my dad encouraged me to audition for Suessical the Musical. I got the part of a  Wickersham Monkey Brother. It was how I found my group of friends, a place to belong. I continued to audition for the school musical every year after that.

Q: What is your favorite musical?

Ryan: Singing in the Rain both on stage and on film is a marvelous masterpiece.

Q: Tell us how you felt when you found out you had landed the part of Igor in Young Frankenstein.

_PLK8115 _PLK8145

_PLK8209 _PLK8222
(Above) Ryan Axberg as Igor in Young Frankenstein at the 2015 Jerry Herman Awards Ceremony.

Ryan: It was my senior year at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. The show had been announced (Young Frankenstein) at the end of the school year as next years musical. Originally I thought I wanted the role of Dr.Frankenstein but found myself identifying with Igor more. I’ve always been the best friend to my brother who ended up being Dr. Frankenstein so it worked out.

Q: How did you find out your school had chosen you to audition for best leading male in the Jerry Herman Awards?


Ryan Axberg as Igor in Palos Verde Penninsula High School’s production of Young Frankenstein.

Ryan: The only two male characters who were eligible from our school were Igor and Dr. Frankenstein. My brother had had the opportunity to go to the Jerry Herman Awards the year before. When I was chosen he was very understanding and not heartbroken at all.

Q: Describe your experience going through the Jerry Herman Award audition process. What was it like to audition in front of such notable judges like Kenny Ortega, Cathy Rigby, John Bowab, Kay Cole, and Lewis Wilkenfeld?

Ryan: I knew my material front and back so that kept me calm. I just had to be myself and perform. They said I performed great and that I had a great voice but I needed to be more confident with my physicality. I sang The “Old Red Hills of Home” from Parade and “Together Again” from Young Frankenstein for contrast and they said that they wanted to see more of a physicality difference between the two songs and to commit to everything 100,000%.


Axberg (pictured on the right in the pink tie) in the opening number of the Jerry Herman Awards


Axberg (pictured on the right in the pink tie) performs in the closing number of the Jerry Herman Awards.

Q: When your school found out that they had been chosen to perform a production number from Young Frankenstein for the Jerry Herman Awards Ceremony and how did you prepare?

Ryan: I feel like having that opportunity was such and honor to bring our school, to show our spirit and our pride was wonderful. Young Frankenstein played in March and the Jerry Herman Awards were June 1st. So we had three mandatory rehearsals with the cast. We just worked it and shockingly enough no one forgot anything so our third rehearsal ended up getting canceled.


Ryan and Director Seth Cohen receiving the Jerry Herman Award for Best Ensemble/Chorus on behalf of Palos Verdes Peninsula for the production of Young Frankenstein.

Q: How did your love of musical theatre help you decided to go to AMDA?

Ryan: I knew I was going to study theatre. When I am on the stage I feel so comfortable. I feel so in tuned with myself and my surroundings, I feel happy. That’s why I decided to pursue theatre and stick with it.

Q: After everything you went through with the Jerry Herman Awards you have decided to stick around as an usher at the Hollywood Pantages. How are you liking it?

Ryan: I have always loved the Pantages and it’s just down the street from my school. I thought it would be such a good opportunity getting to work where I performed for the Jerry Herman Awards. It’s kind of full circle.

Q: What advice would you have for a high school student interested in pursuing a career in musical theatre?

Ryan: If you have a passion for it it’s your duty to go for it!



Chip Off the Old Block

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bradley Pierce. We know Pierce as one of the wonderful bar tenders at the Hollywood Pantages, but some of you may know him as Peter Shepherd in Jumanji, also staring the late Robin Williams. What most people don’t know is that Pierce has had an extensive voice acting career. One of his most iconic roles, is Chip from Disney’s Animated Beauty and The Beast.



At age eight, Pierce’s agent submitted him for a role. The only information about the role was that it called for a child in a Disney show. He auditioned and didn’t hear anything for six months then was called back in. Eventually, he was booked for the role of Chip, who originally had only one line. “Mamma! There’s a girl in the castle.” As the role grew, they kept asking the young Pierce to come back and record more lines.

When asked if he had any interesting stories about his time working on Beauty and the Beast, he mentioned that he was actually filmed while doing his voice overs because Disney likes to use characteristics and mannerisms from the voice actors when animating the characters.

“I was talking to the voice director about a trip I had taken to Arizona to see my Uncle. My Uncle had a hot tub at his house and had shown me how to shoot water between my teeth. I remember showing him that I could do that, and they ended up adding that into the movie where Chip jumps into the bubbles with the rest of the dishes.”

Pierce also explains how the voice over process worked for a kid.

“I always delivered my lines in groups of three. You know, to change the inflection slightly with each one. When the character Maurice first picks up Chip and takes a drink from the cup, the line is, ‘His mustache tickles Mamma!’ “

When said with the wrong inflection, this phrase can sound quite silly.

“The entire booth started laughing hysterically. I was eight years old, and it made no sense to me why that would be funny. So I asked, but they said, ‘we’ll tell you when you’re older.’ A line that Mrs. Potts says to Chip in the film.”

Even after his role as Chip was finished, Bradley went back to work for Disney many times.

“I have done a lot of background voices for them. I worked on Kingdom Hearts, both video games 1 and 2; and I still have a good friend that works there now, so occasionally I will hang out on the lot. Which is fun. Disney, more so than a lot of companies, has a kind of family atmosphere to it.” Pierce explains.



Bradley and family at Disneyland.

Now, as a father of 3 adorable children, Pierce is playing the most important role to date: Dad. Pierce’s son Gavin, who came along to the interview, talked praises of his father, and even credited him with his choice to act as well.

Gavin explains, “Jumanji is actually what started me acting. I was watching it once and said, ‘Daddy I want to be on T.V.’ “To this Pierce said, “Okay. We’ll give it a shot.”


Bradley and son Gavin

Aside from being a busy father of 3, helping his oldest break into acting, and bar tending at the Hollywood Pantages; Pierce also finds time for his website, ZFO Entertainment. The Last Word in Geek Entertainment. The site is full of comic convention event coverage and interviews as well as original content being produced by Pierce himself.

For more information about ZFO Entertainment visit their site:



We’ve Got Annie!

We all have that one show that sticks with us our entire lives. Maybe it was your first show, perhaps is was a show that really struck the mood you were in at just the right time, and sometimes it’s the show that left you with some new go to shower songs. For the Nederlander Organization, that owns the Hollywood Pantages Theatre; that show is ANNIE.

Annie-Playbill-02-80 Annie-05-77-1

We had the distinct pleasure to sit down with the President of the Nederlander Organization, James L. Nederlander, to discuss the phenomenon that was and still is ANNIE.  We asked Jimmy what he remembered about the show’s debut on April 21, 1977:

“I remember that the name of the theatre (The Alvin) and ANNIE had the same number of letters so we changed the marquee to say ANNIE for the show instead of displaying the theatre’s name. This show was something else. I went through several copies of the record because I kept wearing them out.  It was a great family show and a great date night show. It warmed the cockles of all hearts, of all ages. Everyone left with a smile. It was a great first musical for many children and people just kept coming back to see it. After nearly 40 years people are still coming back to see this show.”

Alvin Theatre Annie

The Alvin Theatre now the Neil Simon Theatre changes its name to promote the new show Annie. (1977)

The original cast included Andrea McArdle (Annie), Reid Shelton (Daddy Warbucks), and Dorothy Loudon (Miss Hannigan). ANNIE Was nominated for 11 Tony Awards and walked away with 7 including Best Musical and Best Score. Annie’s doors stayed open until 1983 and held the title for longest running show at the Alvin Theatre (now the Neil Simon Theatre) until Hairspray in 2009.

annie full cast

ANNIE original cast.

With over 10 different tours and revivals, several movie and television adaptations, and more pop culture references than one can count, ANNIE continues to inspire new generations of children to this day.

Get your tickets by visiting www.hollywoodpantages.com/annie