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P. Swayze

If you have been to a performance of Dirty Dancing over the last three weeks you may have noticed a familiar face in the lobby. On loan from Madame Tussauds Hollywood, the Patrick Swayze wax figure draws a huge crowd, giving patrons the opportunity to share that magical moment on the log. See some of our favorite photos and some interesting facts about the Madame Tussauds wax figures below.

Did You Know?

  •  Each strand of hair is inserted individually, taking approximately five weeks to complete each head.
  •  Two maintenance teams inspect and primp each figure daily before the attraction opens.
  • To add authenticity to the figures at Madame Tussauds, many artifacts have been donated from the celebrity or purchased from auctions.
  •  All figures have their hair washed and make-up retouched regularly.
  •  From the first private sitting with a celebrity to completion, it takes approximately four months to create a figure. 
  • More than 250 precise measurements and photographs of a subject are taken to accurately create a wax figure.
  • If the subject is unavailable for these measurements and photographs, Madame Tussauds studio artists study hundreds of photos and watch hours of video to create the figure.
  •  All celebrities’ vital statistics are kept confidential – despite repeated requests from the public and media. 
  • Because wax shrinks, wax figures are made two percent larger than the real life subjects they portray. 
  • Red silk thread is used to create the veins on each eyeball.
  •  Knotted rope is used to create the look of veins on the bodies.
  •  Each figure costs approximately $125,000 to make.

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