The Patrons They Never Forgot

Our amazing ushers see over 20,000 patrons come through the theatre doors every week. Sometimes it’s hard to remember faces in a crowd that large but some faces just stand out and stick with you forever. In this blog our ushers were kind enough to share some of those stories.

“I met four lovely ladies during the recent run of Annie. The eldest of the four was in need of some assistance getting to and from her seat. As the last of the guests were exiting the theatre at the end of the night I waited with these ladies to help them make their own exit. As we waited for the crowds to pass they told me that they were four generations of the same family. The youngest was just old enough to be watching her first show at the Pantages. What made the story really stick with me was, not only all these generations here at this show, but also that all four of them had their first theatrical experience with a production of Annie! I don’t know if they knew how truly cool and rare a thing that was.”

Sarah C.

“I helped a woman during Jersey Boys that was celebrating her 102nd birthday. She remembered what Hollywood looked like before the Pantages was even built! I wish I could have talked with her all night. I’m sure she had some amazing stories to tell.”

Micaela C.

As odd as it is, I got complimented for directing women in the mezzanine restroom. A lady commented that she’d never seen the line move so quickly before and that I was doing an amazing job. Then one of the stalls directly in front of the doorway opened, so I gestured and said, “This stall is open, ma’am,” and she laughed and said, “Oh thank goodness, I’d be lost without you!”

Lauren W.

“I think the show was either Wicked or Newsies, but I remember this old gentleman with nicely combed white hair that had a walker and I helped him to his seat. He was really sweet and kept talking about how excited he was to see the show. I kept chatting with him and he was really happy I helped him. He was like “gosh the ushers keep getting cuter from when I used to come to the shows”. I am pretty sure I was embarrassed and turned red, but he was so nice and sweet it made my day!”

Veronica B.

“I encountered many wonderful patrons when I was an usher, but there is one patron in particular that I will never forget. A patron by the name of Eileen, who is also a season subscriber. I first helped her and husband about 4 years ago and every time they came to a show, they would do their best to track me down and find me at my position that I was working that day. We would exchange hugs and happy greetings every time we saw one another and it was always refreshing to know that a patron not only cared about their theatre going experience, but about the ushers who always helped them. To all of our patrons out there, THANK YOU! Your patronage is appreciated, more than you will ever know.”

Michael A.

“I spoke with a woman once that said she had been an usher here in the 1950’s”

Michael B.

“I struck up a conversation with this lady that said she used to come to the Pantages when she was little to see movies with her mother. She said she used to pretend that she was in a castle coming down the grand staircases. ”

Kayla C.

“I was working in the Presidents Club and a couple came in with this plush duck. I guess they take it everywhere with them and document their adventures. The took a picture of me with the duck.”

Alyssa A.

“There was a gentleman and his wife that were gifted season tickets by their children every year. The couple had met when they were very young. He was a piano player and she was a singer. It was love at first sight. As they grew older the woman struggled getting ready to come see the shows. The man would help her do her hair and make up and would help her into her dress for the evening. The night he told us this story was the very first time he had been to the Pantages after she passed away. He said it would be his last show because this was their place and doing it with out her was just too hard.”

Trevor J.


“I always get excited around the holidays because that’s when the proposals happen! Once I even got to help with one. I believe it was during the Lion King. The couple had gotten stuck in traffic and arrived to the theatre late. Lion King has a seating hold for the first number so she went to the bathroom while he waited by the curtain. He told me that he was proposing tonight and asked if at the end of the show I would walk down and offer to take a picture of them in the theatre. At the end of the show I approached them and asked if they would like their photo taken. When he handed off the camera he got down on one knee and popped the question. She said YES!”

Angela W.

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