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7 Reasons Why the Mezzanine is the Best!

In two weeks we will begin one of the biggest seasons the Hollywood Pantages has ever seen! We know that tickets for the 2016-17 are selling quickly but don’t despair.  We want to let you in on the secret that is the mezzanine. We have compiled 7 excellent reasons you should give the mezzanine a try!

1.The ushers will tell you that it is their favorite place in the theatre to sit. Who better to take advice from than someone who has seen the same show from every angle of the theatre multiple times?


2. The stadium seating is more pronounced, much like a movie theater. If you happen to be on the shorter side or are attending the theatre with small children this allows for better visibility should someone tall sit in front of you.


3. Speaking of kids, sitting in the mezzanine is great if you have small children and need to step out frequently for bathroom breaks or need to stretch your legs.

4. The restroom lines move faster upstairs. There are only 950 seats in the mezzanine and 1,750 downstairs. That means there are fewer people using the restrooms upstairs and it helps that the ladies restroom in the mezzanine is the largest ladies room in the theatre.

5. Sitting in the mezzanine feels more intimate. Like we mentioned before, there are only 950 seats in the mezz. Depending on where you are sitting you may not be able to see the folks sitting in the orchestra making it feel like your own private theatre.


6. Secret Tip: Row J in the mezzanine has the most foot room of any row in the theatre. The people in the front row of the theatre may have some extra foot room as well but they are looking straight up the actor’s noses. In row J you get to stretch out and enjoy the view in front of you.

7. The view of the beautiful blue ceiling and chandelier are much better in the mezzanine. Take some time before the show and really explore the ceiling. We find new details in it all the time.




Helpful Hints From the Ushers

Our ushers work very hard to make sure that everyone has a wonderful experience here at the theatre and they do it all with a smile on their face. There are things that they would like you to know to make your visit that much more pleasant and stress free.  Here are some helpful hints and tips straight from the mouths of our ushers.

Remember no outside food or drink is allowed into the theatre (except for water).

The theatre does not have a designated check in location. Be sure to leave large bags, cameras, and flowers in your car or at home.

It’s always a good idea to get to the theatre no later than 7:45 so you are not rushing to find your seat.

Be sure to have your ticket’s bar code easily accessible for scanning.

(Secret Tip) If you have digital tickets, take a screen capture of the bar codes to avoid slow loading times on mobile devices.

Have all bags and purses open for quick inspection (this is for everyone’s safety).

Make note of which door the ticket taking usher directs you towards (this helps you find your seat faster).

Playbills are complimentary. Be sure to grab one before heading into the lobby.


Complimentary hearing devices are available at Audience Services to the right of the entrance.

Binoculars are also available at Audience Services for a rental fee of $10.

(Secret Tip) The ladies restroom up the stairs on the left is the largest of the 3 women’s restrooms and tends to have a smaller line before the show and during intermission.

There are two accessible restrooms located in the theatre. The first is just past Audience Services on the right. The second is located through the curtain near door 2. (House right)


Be Advised that there is no elevator in the theatre. If you have seats in the Mezzanine and need assistance locate an usher right away.

Remember that alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the seating area so give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your drink before the show.

(Secret Tip) You can pre-order your drink for intermission at the bar before the show starts!


Curious about Season Tickets? Ask one of our knowledgeable Outbound Sales staffers located behind podiums near concessions.

Have a question about the theatre or its history? Ask an usher or purchase our Pantages Theatre Program for $20 at Audience Services.


(Secret Tip) One of the best photo-ops is at the top of the grand staircase on either side. Take a selfie with your back to the lobby and get the chandeliers in the photo.


A limited number of booster seats are available near each door for those that are vertically challenged.

When the lights in the lobby begin to flash that is your cue to take your seat.

Doors are numbered 6 -1 from left to right. (Do you remember which door the usher told you to enter?)

DSC_0751 DSC_0753

The ushers at your door will let you know which side of the aisle your seats will be located.

If you require extra assistance don’t hesitate to ask. The ushers are there to help you!

Once you find your seats look up. The ceiling is spectacular.

Each show has their own photo policy. Be sure to check with an usher before you start snapping pics. (This includes selfies, Snapchats, and Instagram)

(Secret Tip) For a great shot of the theatre walk to the front near the orchestra pit and turn around.

Make sure that your phone is turned off before the performance begins. Texting, talking, and the taking photo/videos are not allowed during the performance. (Phones are not only distracting to those around you but are very distracting to the performers on stage.)

If at anytime during a performance you have an issue with a seat neighbor or need assistance, ushers are located at each door. You don’t have to wait until intermission or the end of the show to ask for help.


The length of intermission is determined by the show in the building. Typically they are 15-20 minutes.

Keep your ticket with you if you are exiting the building. You MUST have it to re-enter.

Concessions takes cash only! This is to make sure everyone gets through the line during intermission.

Be Aware that some shows have seating holds at the end of intermission. When you see the lights flashing make for your seat so you don’t miss anything.

At the end of the show you can sometimes catch the cast members exiting the stage door. As you walk out of the seating area take a left and walk to the end of the hallway to exit to the stage door.