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This is How We Speakeasy

When it comes to Bullets Over Broadway, the show doesn’t stop at the stage. The Hollywood Pantages creates a seamless flow from stage to lobby with our old Hollywood Art Deco beauty. So when someone said Speakeasy none of us thought twice! CBS’s Erica Olsen joined us in the 1920’s fun to help us promote our pre-show Speakeasy.

Below see the time lapse video of Erica Olsen getting ready for the pre-show Speakeasy in the famous Mirror Room at the Hollywood Pantages Theatare.


Erica uses her grandmother’s purse to accessorize her outfit!


Layers of beads were the look of the 20’s. Erica wears a necklace given to her by her grandfather.


A 1920’s bridal headband adds some nice sparkle to the ensemble.


No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes!


Erica shows off her look completed by her grandmother’s fur coat.


Erica enters the theatre.


Erica pictured on the grand staircase house left.


Erica is greeted by the speakeasy bouncer. Remember password CHEECH!

See the final promo below


For more information about the Hollywood Pantages Preshow Speakeasy visit: