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One Night Only

On September 11, 2016, The Hollywood Pantages made history once again by hosting the live filming of the musical Newsies. The show will be aired as a Fathom event in movie theaters across the country next year. In addition to the excitement of a live filming nine original cast members from the Broadway production of Newsies lent their talent for One Night Only.


The event was invite only but a standby line was available to hardcore Fansies who started lining up at 1am Sunday morning.


11 cameras were brought in for the filming


Broadway cast members spent an entire week together rehearsing before the live filming.


Special merchandise was available for this one time only event.


The cast dressed and ready to go. From Left Andrew Keenan-Bolger ‘Crutchie’, Kara Lindsay ‘Katherine’, Ben Fankhauser ‘Davey’, and Jeremy Jordan ‘Jack Kelly’


The audience waiting for the filming to begin


Disney’s Newsies Live, filmed at the Hollywood Pantages, opens in select theaters Feb 16, 18, and the 22. Check out the video below as Newsies goes behind the scenes at the Hollywood Pantages.


Hollywood Pantages Season Ticket Holders were invited to a screening of Newsies and surprised by a Q&A afterwards with Nico DeJesus, a Newsie from the filming.

Jeff Loeb, General Manager of the Hollywood Pantages conducts a post screening Q&A with Nico DeJesus, Newsies cast member.


Two more chances to see Newsies. February 18 and 22, 2017

Nico DeJesus discusses his experience filming a live theatrical production.

Update Update

You can now purchase Newsies live on iTunes. This digital version includes 11 minutes of special features, a sing a long version, and a theatrical version with a built in intermission. Not to mention the beautiful sweeping shots of the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

Our Newsie

There is always an interesting collection of people working at the Hollywood Pantages at any given time. For this blog post we would like to introduce you to Halbert Hernandez from our Group Sales office. In 1992 Halbert was selected as an extra in a little Disney film called Newsies. We sat down with him to learn about his experience working on the film.

Question: How did you hear about the audition for the Newsies film and what was the audition process like?

Halbert Hernandez: I had a few friends that had already been cast in the movie as dancers and had heard that there was an open call for more news boys. They said you don’t have to dance which was good because I can’t dance. They just wanted to fill the screen with more news boys. So I went down to Universal the day of filming and met with Kenny Ortega. There were so many of us but they picked us based upon our look. It was really really quick. They didn’t ask us to dance or sing they just wanted a particular look.

Q: What was one of the most difficult things about being a Newsie?

Halbert: It actually wasn’t hard. It was so much fun. I was in my early 20’s and it was exciting to be on the lot filming something. It was neat to be surrounded by the dancers and a young Christian Bale. The days were long but it wasn’t hard because we were having fun and we were young.

halbert (3)

Screenshot from the 1992 film Newsies. Halbert Hernandez in the top left corner.

Q: What was the most fun part of the movie filming?

Halbert: The most fun part was meeting Ann-Margret and working on the scene where her character sings to the news boys in the theatre. I was sitting up in the balcony on I think stage right. If you pause the movie you can see me. It was cool because she was singing to us as well as the boys on the floor but I remember she made eye contact with me. I also loved that scene because we had to run out of the theatre because the police were coming so people were climbing down the balcony and running out of the theatre. I didn’t climb down the balcony. I ran out the back door. It was exciting to meet her to see her. We were all told she had to be called Ann-Margret not Ann not Margret. Don’t talk to her unless she talks to you.


Screenshot in the balcony from the 1992 film Newsies. Halbert Hernandez pictured on the left.

Q: Did you get to speak with Ann-Margret?

Halbert: She talked to my group in the balcony. She kind of looked up and waved at us and said, “how are you guys doing?” and we said, “we’re doing great!” I also remember one very cool thing was watching her come onto the set in a Rolls Royce driven by her husband. She was wearing a turban on her head and a beautiful coat and she stepped right out of the car and directly into her trailer. Then three hours later she came into the theatre as that character with the red hair and the red dress and I was like oh wow. It was neat to see that transformation.


Ann-Margret in the 1992 film Newsies

Q: What is your favorite memory from the production?

Halbert: I think just being able to work with my friends. Someone I am still in touch with is Kevin Stea who is an incredible dancer that went on to work with Madonna. We were all pretty close so that’s what made it fun.

Q: How do you feel the stage production compares to the movie?

Halbert: I think the stage production is great. I think it is wonderful. They did a great job of taking the film and adapting it to the stage. There is a lot of energy and dancing just like the movie.

Q: Did it bring back any memories for you?

Halbert: Yes it did. Hearing the music really took me back to the Universal lot. After seeing it at the Pantages I went back and watched the movie. Seeing myself in a few shots I couldn’t believe how young I was.

Q: Do you have any other thoughts about your experience?

Halbert: It was a really great time. I am thankful to have the memories and I am thankful to Kenny Ortega for giving me the opportunity to be a Newsie. It’s nice to see it has taken a life of its own and gone from film to stage and now they are filming the stage production so people can see it in theatres when it’s released.


Halbert Hernandez


Chip Off the Old Block

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bradley Pierce. We know Pierce as one of the wonderful bar tenders at the Hollywood Pantages, but some of you may know him as Peter Shepherd in Jumanji, also staring the late Robin Williams. What most people don’t know is that Pierce has had an extensive voice acting career. One of his most iconic roles, is Chip from Disney’s Animated Beauty and The Beast.



At age eight, Pierce’s agent submitted him for a role. The only information about the role was that it called for a child in a Disney show. He auditioned and didn’t hear anything for six months then was called back in. Eventually, he was booked for the role of Chip, who originally had only one line. “Mamma! There’s a girl in the castle.” As the role grew, they kept asking the young Pierce to come back and record more lines.

When asked if he had any interesting stories about his time working on Beauty and the Beast, he mentioned that he was actually filmed while doing his voice overs because Disney likes to use characteristics and mannerisms from the voice actors when animating the characters.

“I was talking to the voice director about a trip I had taken to Arizona to see my Uncle. My Uncle had a hot tub at his house and had shown me how to shoot water between my teeth. I remember showing him that I could do that, and they ended up adding that into the movie where Chip jumps into the bubbles with the rest of the dishes.”

Pierce also explains how the voice over process worked for a kid.

“I always delivered my lines in groups of three. You know, to change the inflection slightly with each one. When the character Maurice first picks up Chip and takes a drink from the cup, the line is, ‘His mustache tickles Mamma!’ “

When said with the wrong inflection, this phrase can sound quite silly.

“The entire booth started laughing hysterically. I was eight years old, and it made no sense to me why that would be funny. So I asked, but they said, ‘we’ll tell you when you’re older.’ A line that Mrs. Potts says to Chip in the film.”

Even after his role as Chip was finished, Bradley went back to work for Disney many times.

“I have done a lot of background voices for them. I worked on Kingdom Hearts, both video games 1 and 2; and I still have a good friend that works there now, so occasionally I will hang out on the lot. Which is fun. Disney, more so than a lot of companies, has a kind of family atmosphere to it.” Pierce explains.



Bradley and family at Disneyland.

Now, as a father of 3 adorable children, Pierce is playing the most important role to date: Dad. Pierce’s son Gavin, who came along to the interview, talked praises of his father, and even credited him with his choice to act as well.

Gavin explains, “Jumanji is actually what started me acting. I was watching it once and said, ‘Daddy I want to be on T.V.’ “To this Pierce said, “Okay. We’ll give it a shot.”


Bradley and son Gavin

Aside from being a busy father of 3, helping his oldest break into acting, and bar tending at the Hollywood Pantages; Pierce also finds time for his website, ZFO Entertainment. The Last Word in Geek Entertainment. The site is full of comic convention event coverage and interviews as well as original content being produced by Pierce himself.

For more information about ZFO Entertainment visit their site: