We live in a world full of spoilers. Haven’t watched the latest episode of the most popular T.V. show? You better steer clear of social media. Haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie? You might as well lock yourself in your house because the spoilers are waiting for you!

So what about Broadway musicals? Do the same “no spoilers” rules apply here? Most people have access to the cast album before they even see a show. So the question becomes, do you listen to the cast album before you see it?

We asked the Hollywood Pantages staff to take a quick poll. It became pretty clear to us that people are very passionate about this issue. We’ve broken down their arguments into a for and against list. Where do you stand?


I listen to the cast album before I see a show arguments:

  • I like to know what I am getting myself into.
  • I like to go into the show knowing the songs so I can take in the many other elements of the show, not just focus on what is happening. I am also obsessed with Broadway musicals and am very familiar with a large chunk of them.
  • If I like the music enough, it determines if I would watch the show. I wouldn’t want to waste money on something I wouldn’t enjoy.
  • It’s better to know how the story line for example in Hamilton it’s mostly rap and sometimes it’s pretty hard to follow through what they are saying live and you’ll miss out what else is going on since there is so much happening on stage also sometimes the audience won’t stop applauding and some will miss out on what was said.

I prefer to wait until I’ve seen the show before I listen to the cast album

  • I want to be able to experience the show without comparing it to the original
  • I just like to go in surprised when I hear it for the first time. Plus I like to put the blocking with songs and have the story all together
  • I prefer to be fully immersed in a show with out spoilers.
  • Because I won’t judge the performance beforehand if I don’t know about it

Let us know where you stand. To take our anonymous poll, CLICK HERE

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