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We want you to be in the room where it happens! Check out our tips for getting your Hamilton tickets on Sunday, April 30th at 10am.

  • There are 3 ways to buy Hamilton tickets on Sunday, April 30 at 10am: online, at box office, or call Ticketmaster.
  • Regular prices for HAMILTON are $85, $95, $125, $175, $195 & $650.
  • Holiday dates for HAMILTON are Nov 24 -26 & Dec 22 – 30.  Prices are $95, $125, $175, $195, $225 & $750.
  • Try searching for dates after October 1 for best availability.
  • For list of all performance dates, check our website.
  • Have several dates in mind in the event that your first choice is unavailable
  • Need assistance with ASL, Open Caption, Audio Description, and accessibility seating? visit our website.
  • Buying ONLINE?  Download the TM App & create Ticketmaster account ahead of time.
  • To see all ticket prices DE-SELECT BEST AVAILABILITY on This function only displays highest priced tickets.
  • Once tickets are selected, DON’T REFRESH YOUR BROWSER or you’ll lose your place in line.  Wait times could be over an hour.
  • Use only one browser or tab when searching for tickets. Using multiple browsers can make you look like ticket bot!
  • Plan to call for your Hamilton tickets? The ONLY number is Ticketmaster 800-982-2787.  You MUST have your date ready for the automated system.
  • Coming to the Box Office?  Line on Sunday, April 30 begins no earlier than 6am at the stage door on Argyle Ave.
  • A Photo ID is required for all Box Office purchases – including cash or credit card.
  • Plan your parking!  Click Here.
  • Go Metro!  Check Sunday Schedule.
  • IN LINE at Pantages for your Hamilton Tickets?  Be in 2 lines at once!  Download the TM App on your phone.
  • Buying at the box office? Celebrate with one of our Restaurant Partners.
  • Make a day of it! Explore Hollywood
  • Don’t forget to check out the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

Tearing it Up! UPDATE

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre is a very different place when there is no show in the building. The stage returns to its black blank canvas and the auditorium seems much smaller without the audience members filling each seat. While we do miss you when you’re gone, we take these quiet moments to keep the old girl looking like her fabulous self.

This year we had just about 4 weeks between An American in Paris and The Bodyguard to get all of the seats removed, rip out all of the carpet, get the new carpet laid down, and get all of the seats back in place. The photos below show what we have done so far.

Day 1: All of the seats have to be unbolted from the floor before they can be removed. Seats are removed in groups of three or four. Once seats have been cleared from an area the carpet is then pulled up.

Row SS begins to fall backwards after having the bolts removed.

Workers begin to pull up the carpet from the rear of the 200 section.

Orchestra seats begin to take over the lobby.

Seats were also placed in the lower bar near the women’s restroom on the West side of the building.

Seats filling up the colonnade near the tiled drinking fountain.

The seats in the rear 200 and 100 sections have been completely removed.

Air conditioning vent boxes are now visible with the seats removed. The Hollywood Pantages cooling is based on a push/pull system. The vent boxes open to 2 massive pressurized air chambers known as the plenum located right below the seats.

Photo taken from the mezzanine house right. The aisles between each section have been stripped of their carpet.

By the end of day 1 over half of the seats have been removed from the orchestra.

Day 2: Seats at the front of the orchestra are moved onto the stage. The last of the seats must be removed along with the rest of the carpet.

Seats from the front orchestra are moved onto the stage.

The first row has never had a better view

By the end of day 2 all seats and carpet have been removed from the orchestra. Workers begin picking up pieces of hardware from the seats.

View from the stage of the empty orchestra.

Day 3: The floor must be cleaned and prepped for new carpet installation.

Crews work to vacuum and sweep the floors to prep for new carpet.

Vent boxes are inspected and maintained, any remaining nuts and bolts are picked up.


On July 10th we began on phase two of our re-carpeting project which included the lobby, mezzanine, and colonnade. Check out the progress below.

The stairs leading to the mezzanine without carpet

Theatre lobby after the carpet removal

The orchestra level colonnade is prepped for new carpet installation

Mezzanine getting prepped for new carpet installation

Workers check wiring and vents before the new carpet is installed

Mezzanine seats are stacked two high in the 2nd level colonnade


Hollywood is changing! New housing, restaurants, and shops are moving in left and right. While these changes are fun and exciting it means more people in Hollywood and with more people come more cars. So the real question becomes, where do I park? We comprised a list of all of the parking options within walking distance of the theatre.

Eastown Garage – 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 

  • Entrances on Argyle Ave. and Hollywood Blvd.
  • Price $16
  • Take your ticket with you and pay before you leave!
  • Elevators and escalators available

Grant Parking Lot – 1727 Argyle Ave

  • Entrance on Argyle just behind the theatre
  • Price $20+
  • Stacked parking leave your keys







Sunshine Parking Garage – 1800 Vine St.

  • Entrance on Yucca
  • Price $10
  • Stacked??






Sunshine Parking Lot – 6223 Selma Ave.

  • Entrance on Selma
  • Price $10







Hollywood Vine Lot 1721 Vine St.

  • Entrance on Vine
  • Price $19
  • Stacked parking leave your keys







LA City Garage – 1627 Vine St.

  • Entrance on Vine
  • Price $13
  • Take your ticket with you and pay before you leave!
  • Elevator available






Trader Joe’s Parking Garage – 1600 Vine St.

  • Entrance on Selma
  • Price $16








Columbia Square Garage 6115 Sunset Blvd

  • Entrances on Gower and El Centro
  • Price $21
  • Valet Option







LA Fitness Parking Garage 1602 El Centro

  • Entrance on El Centro
  • Price $5-$20







Avalon Theatre Parking Lot 1748 Vine St.

  • Entrance on Vine
  • Price $20







Capitol Record Parking Lot 1745 Vine St.

  • Entrance on Vine
  • Price $20








Fonda Theatre Parking Lot 6104 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Entrance on Hollywood Blvd
  • Price $20






For more information about parking visit our website.