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The Blue Ceiling and Beyond

There are a few things The Hollywood Pantages is known for. The beautiful Art Deco architecture, the glowing chandeliers, our dazzling marquee, and of course our wonderful shows. There is one other thing about us that is simply unique. Beyond the chandelier and the scrolling ceiling facade is the beautiful sprawling blue ceiling. Check out the photos below as we venture into “Howard’s Hideaway” to see the blue ceiling up close.

Howard's Hideaway

Howard Nugent Master Electrician at the Hollywood Pantages takes us into his “Hideaway” above the scrolling ceiling facade.

facade back of mezz

Blue light glows above the theatre as we peer through the ceiling facade to the mezzanine seats below.

Facad chand mezz

The chandelier is visible hanging over the seats of the mezzanine from above the ceiling facade.


Blue gels are used to create the blue ceiling effect.

howard blue

Howard Nugent explains how the blue gels work to create blue ceiling effect.


The Nederlander “N” is visible from our location above the scrolling ceiling facade

stage facade

Above the stage looking at the proscenium.



The Grand Chandelier

Many photos have been taken over the years of the beautiful Grand Chandelier that illuminates The 2,703 seats beneath it every performance. There is another view that most people don’t get to see and that is the view from inside the Grand Chandelier. Check out the video and photos below as our own Master Electrician, Howard Nugent takes a walk around the inside of the Grand Chandelier.


View of the stage

A view of the stage from inside the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


A view of house right from inside the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


A small opening from the ceiling allows access to a narrow ladder that climbs down to the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


The great detail seen in all other parts of the theatre continues into the ceiling just above the chandelier. (Photo Credit Howard Nugent)


A look through the small opening down the ladder into the chandelier.


Master Electrician Howard Nugent climbs down the small ladder into the chandelier


A Star For Her Birthday

       A few weeks back we had the honor of watching one of Broadway’s most talented and well known leading ladies get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Many of Kristin’s friends and family were there including Dove Cameron and a special appearance by her parents all the way from Oklahoma. Speeches were given by Carol Burnett and Kenny Ortega on Kristin’s behalf as well as cheers and from her adoring fans. Here are the photos we didn’t post to Facebook.

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How Many People Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? When it comes to our three grand chandeliers in the lobby at the Hollywood Pantages…at least four! In order to keep these beauties burning bright a team of four has to hand crank the three chandeliers down to just inches above the floor and the banisters. Check out the photos and video to see the phenomenon for yourself!

A ladder is used to reach the bulbs in the top half of the chandelier.

A ladder is used to reach the bulbs in the top half of the chandelier.

Chandelier hangs over house left grand staircase.

Chandelier hangs over house left grand staircase.

All lower bulbs have to be reached from the ground.

All lower bulbs have to be reached from the ground.


Center chandelier lowers to a mere 6 inches off the ground.


Inside the center chandelier from the top.